The National Hepatitis Corrections Network

Below is a list of our network members, who represent a variety of agencies that work on issues concerning hepatitis in prisons and/or jails. 

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Hepatitis Education Project
Rich Feffer
Program Coordinator and Health Educator
Seattle, WA

Hepatitis Education Project
Michael Ninburg
Executive Director
Seattle, Wa

Center for Health Justice
John Carlos Fabian
Director of Prevention Services
Los Angeles, Ca

Dr. Julie Lifshay
Health and Special Projects Manager
San Quentin, CA

ACLU National Prison Project 
Gabe Eber
Washington, DC

Correctional Association of New York
Jack Beck
Director, Prison Visiting Project
New York, NY

Missouri Hepatitis C Alliance
Bruce Burkett
Executive Director
Columbia, MO

Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights
Brad Brockmann
Executive Director
Providence, RI

Washington Department of Corrections      
Dr. Lara Strick 
Infectious Disease Physician
Tumwater, WA 
Utah Department of Health
Heather Bush
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator
Salt Lake City, UT 
Utah Department of Health
Erin Fratto
Integrated Testing Project Coordinator
Salt Lake City, UT 
Oregon Department of Health
Jude Leahy
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator
Portland, OR 
Oregon Department of Corrections
Dr. Ann Shindo
Communicable and
Chronic Disease Intervention Coordinator
Salem, OR 
University of Wisconsin Medical School
Dr. Rob Striker
Infectious Disease Staff Physician
Associate Professor
Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amanda Bryant
Research Associate
Madison, WI 
Philadelphia FIGHT
Hannah Zellman
Director, Institute for Community Justice
Philadelphia, PA 
Project ECHO - Utah                                  
Susanne Cusick
Manager - Project Echo
Salt Lake City, UT

Osborne Assocation                                  
Gary Bartlett
Deputy Director of Services
New York, NY

Hepatitis Support Network of Hawaii
Ken Akinaka
Executive Director
Honolulu, HI

Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Kendra Viner and Alex Shirreffs
Division of Disease ControlPhiladelphia, PA

Hep Free Hawaii
Thaddeus Pham
Honolulu, HI

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Jagpreet Chhatwal
Assistant Professor
Houston, TX
Wyoming Department of Health
Ashley Grajczyk
Adult Viral Hepatitis Coordinator
Cheyenne, WY

Wyoming Department of Health
Tai Wright
Field Epidemiologist
Cheyenne, WY

NOVA University - Hep C Center for Excellence
Steve Harris
Program Director
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
UNM Project ECHO
Dr. Karla Thornton
Associate Director
Albequerque, NM

Emory University
Dr. Anne Spaulding
Assistant Professor
Atlanta, GA

Correctional Service Canada
Greg Van Wyck
Medical Officer
Alberta, Canada
The Bridging Group
Barry Zack
CEO, Corrections and Health
Oakland, CA

California Department of Health
Rachel McLean
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator
Richmond, CA

Bureau of Infectious Disease, Massachusetts
Eduardo Nettle
Correctional Health Program
Jamaica Plain, MA
University of Puerto Rico
Carmen Albizu GarcĂ­a
Graduate School of Public Health
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hawaii Department of Public Safety
Lori Karan
Corrections Medical Director
Honolulu, HI

Uconn Correctional Managed Care
Johnny Wu
Director of Medical Services
Farmington, CT

KY Department of Health
Kathy Sanders
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator
Frankfort, KY

NE Department of Health and Human Services
Jude Dean
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator
NY Department of Health
Shannon Mason
HIV Education & Training Programs
Albany, NY

Rollins School of Public Health
Liesl Hagan
Senior Associate Director, Laboratory of
Biochemical Pharmacology, DPT Epidemiology
Atlanta, GA
Rutgers University Behavioral Healthcare
Jeff Dickert
Vice President, Correctional Healthcare
Trenton, NJ
SC Bureau of Disease Control
Linda Brown
Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator
Columbia, SC
Transitions Clinic Network
Shira Shavit
Executive Director
San Francisco, CA


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