HCV Treatment Guidelines - Connecticut

As of March 2013:

Connecticut has an integrated correctional health system through the University of Connecticut that serves ALL prisons AND jails in the state

"HepCURB" is a panel that meets monthly to review treatment candidates and determine who gets treated

HepCURB can treat up to 30 inmates peryear

Notes on treatment qualifications:

  • Patient must be sentenced (if in jail)
  • Need 2 sets of CBC/LFT at least 6 months apart to determine chronicity
  • Must have 18-24 months left on sentence
  • If patient has insurance, they’ll still treat but insurance helps pay
  • Patients must have a mental health workup
  • Only treats at facilities w/infirmary
  • Uses boceprevir only
  • If patients come in on treatment they’ll continue if less than/equal to a 2 week gap

Notes on testing:

Only screens patients who self-report that they have HCV, they test on request

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